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Friday, July 07, 2006

Fun PT

For once my squad actually did some fun PT today. Instead of the usual which consists of mindless and aimless runs up into the backyard sand hills, we found a little secluded area and did some 'combat pt'. Which means we circled up and did one on one ground fighting. The only way to win was to make the other man tap out. Some fights only lasted a minute others went closer to ten, but I tell you what, when you feel like your life is on the line you fight like a mad man, and you get a pretty damn good workout in. Yours truly won two out of two fights, making the guy tap out both times on a rear-naked blood choke. Sounds brutal but its all in good fun.

What other news...not much going on this weekend (at least compared to last week's extravaganza) I'll probably head down to Palm Springs tomorrow and catch either Superman or Pirates of the Caribbean.

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