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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

TR2 Discovers Executed Haitian Bodies

Warning: Graphic Photos
On January 28th, we were out searching for tent cities that were not receiving wound care. We were, thankfully, not having any luck. So we decided to stop by a Force Ten medical tent and offer assistance. We spoke with the Medical Director there, a delightful gentleman who happens to be a thoracic surgeon in Britain. They did not need our help and were planning to close early. They were seeing very few injuries and they weren't significant. He also stated that they had been hearing gunshots for several nights outside their headquarters. He thought that it reflected gang activities. He was of the opinion that his organization would stand down soon.

On the morning of January 29th, on the way to CDTI we noticed a body in the street. Brother Jim and I decided that we would go back that afternoon and have it properly disposed. When Brother Jim, Gunny and I went back that afternoon, the police were there and said they would take care of it. Closer inspection revealed that the hands were tied behind his back and it appeared to be an execution. We were more than happy to have the police handle this. As we were leaving, a policeman chased us down and told us that we could help by helping dispose of another body in another part of town. We agreed to go over there. When we got there we found TWO bodies that were decomposing and both of them had their hands tied behind their backs! These were not earthquake victims, these were crime (possibly gang) victims. It appeared to us that messages were being sent. We unanimously agreed that we wanted no part of this and gladly gave some gowns and gloves and masks to the police so that they could handle this. I continue to increase in respect for Brother Jim and Gunny's good judgment.
If this does reflect gang activity, this would be just about the last thing the Haitian people would need. Sorry to have to talk about this, but we need to be aware.
John Griswell, MD

Warning: Graphic Photos

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