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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mark Hayward Newspaper interview

Hospital's ER worker makes way to Haiti

Mark Hayward, an emergency medicine physician's assistant at St. Mary's Hospital's emergency room, is now in Port-au-Prince offering medical care to those injured in the earthquake in Haiti. He's a resident of King George, Va., and works for Medical Emergency Professionals, which staffs the emergency department at St. Mary's Hospital.

"We were providing the first medical care to several hundred badly injured civilians in a refugee encampment in the southeast part of the city today," Hayward reported by e-mail Monday night.

MEP is continuing to pay his salary, his fellow employees are covering his work shifts, Hayward wrote, and Mark Boucot, vice president at St. Mary's Hospital, donated the medical supplies that he took to Haiti, via Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

"I am working with a completely grassroots team of volunteers (mostly ex-military)," he wrote. "Today we completely expended those supplies taking care of patients … We are burning through cash and supplies and we have no end of work to do down here … if you can airdrop me an orthopedic surgeon, a portable X-ray machine, and a complete set of casting/splinting/amputation equipment, I'd very much appreciate it."

An account of the work of the team Hayward is with is at badgerjake.blogspot.com.

"We are down to making splints out of cardboard boxes and very nearly spent the night on the streets … because we had critically injured patients (for example a kid with a pelvic fracture that had been untreated since the earthquake) that we couldn't treat on our own and couldn't in any conscience just leave behind," Hayward wrote. "We are staying at a Jesuit novitiate house near the airport (people can … donate to Jesuit Refugee Services but they need to specify that the donations are for the work of Brother Jim Boynton in Haiti). Please excuse me as I need to get cleaned up and repacked so we can go out again at the crack of dawn tomorrow."

Hayward wrote that the security situation is not as dangerous as has been portrayed in some media reports. "No civil unrest, minimal bad behavior, and on the whole I am very impressed with the way the people are conducting themselves. But there is unprecedented need here right now."

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