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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What makes Team Rubicon different?

Just want to reemphasize that we move light and fast...it's why we ignored the Red Cross and self deployed and why we are first responders to six day old wounds.

Assistant Team Leader William McNulty


  1. Tried twice to post. Typepad is a pain in the butt! Anyway:


    The Red Cross has it's place, but like any huge organization, it's got massive inertia to overcome to get moving or change direction.

    I suspect that the Team Rubicon model is best combined with Orgs like the Red Cross. Get many small fast moving/acting teams on the ground and resupply from the air.

    Why airdrops weren't done a week ago, I can only attribute to the slowness of the Haitian Government/USAID combo in identifying DZs.

    Wish I were with you, loving our Neighbors. God Bless and Charlie Mike!