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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Urgent message from Jake Wood, "too much help"

In the past 48 hours I have had 13 doctors and PAs dumped on me. We have to clarify that unless an individual gets explicit clearance from one of the 3 of us, they will receive NO aid or shelter from Rubicon. We are NOT a placement agency for docs. We have near worn out our welcome at JRS because every night people show up and expect us to employ them. We have no tents, blankets or food for these guys.

This needs to be made clear on the website. We are not a placement agency. If you are not organic to a team, you are dead weight and belong at the Red Cross. Additionally, our docs on our teams will be forbidden from extending invites to their friends to 'join on this great adventure/trip'.

We are losing focus of our mission. We now have drs outnumber military first responders 3 or 4 to 1. This makes us ineffective.


  1. jake obviously read poole's books on small unit effectiveness. outfrickenstanding!

  2. Now Team Rubicon is running into what the larger response has been dealing with from day 1 - unorganized, random, and overwhelming delivery of massive amounts of people and resources that make it impossible to function effectivey.

    It is going to be interesting to try and collect the lessons learned from the Team's experiences. HOPEFULLY someone is already planning a debrief/AAR process so we do not loose the immeasurable resource that they represent to those of us who are actually trying to find a way to address the larger issues.

  3. Make no mistake, we are already on that. Lots of lessons learned in the last week. Gary Cagle is our expert on debrief/AAR.

  4. Great site. It is amazing to see what your team is doing. I would love to go and am working on it with various organizations but waiting till they have space for me...many seem overwhelmed and only working with specialists now. I have heard many people have just gone in, like yourselves I suppose, and are trying to work with someone. Not easy. Not easy for ops on the ground receiving a surge of people. Not easy for those at home wanting to help but not able to go.
    Just a tip but you might want to take away one of your blog posts for now requesting medical help.http://blog.teamrubiconhaiti.org/2010/01/if-you-are-medical-professional-you-are.html

    All the best as you continue to help the people in Haiti.

  5. @Jeff
    Regarding food and supplies. Is there a way to ship non-perishables down to the guys to help the JRS? Give me or Mark a call we'd be happy to help.