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Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on Bravo Team Transportation

Privately funded 737-800 picking up Bravo element in Fayetteville, NC props to follow
Made possible by contacts of Dan Tarpien, High School buddy of Jake Wood

Subject: Re: Medical Supply and Personnel Roster, Bravo Element, Team Rubicon

Gary, Anticipate to pick you up at at 1:30 pm est on Sunday. Unfortunately, we have a 737-800 and big time supplies will be a problem ( hammered with with Meds here in Pitt= over $10 million. We will load your stuff = whatever we can and go. 767 is not available until Monday but we do not have a time slot on Monday and therefore have to go with the 737-800 on Sunday. Need to take our slot time and do whatever we can. Please be flexible. We will load everything we can, if not I will send Esmark jet and deliver your supplies to Cape Haitian. Can you send someone to pick up ? Thanks, Jim

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  1. Hi Jeff
    Jennifer Taylor here-
    I'm waiting on a call back from Mrcy Air Lift. I'll let you know if I get good news. Keep us posted please.