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Friday, January 29, 2010

Trying to Get an OpEd Published

The original members of Team Rubicon have been in the process of drafting an Opinion-Editorial about the manner in which we responded to the Haiti disaster, and how that model can serve to improve the current status quo at large aid organizations.

Ultimately, what we write will have to stand or fall on it's own merits, but we want to make sure that it doesn't immediately get shuffled to the "discard" pile. I think you, as our readers and supporters, understand we are passionate about spreading the word and informing the public on what needs to be done. If you have a connection at the WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, etc, please email: wood.teamrubicon@gmail.com

Thank you for your continued support.


  1. Thought you might be interested in this article from the WSJ about the reasons for the failure of a food distribution by a larger organization:

  2. You should also try submitting an OpEd to Andrew Breitbart at biggovernment.com or bigjournalism.com. there is a tip contact on both of those sites.

    Jen Taylor

  3. Back in Jan, 1992, I was a victim of a drunken employee of the People's Gas Company of Chicago pumping 20 times the amount of gas through their pipes and causing massive explosions on the Near West Side of Chicago. There were a half dozen deaths, many injuries, and hundreds homeless.

    The HQ of the Chicago Red Cross were a 15 minute walk from the epicenter of this all. Yet they didn't get there till a day later! Even then they were more interested in serving coffee and donuts to the cops and firemen and getting their mugs on TV than taking care of the victims. I never saw any of the tons of clothing and supplies, etc. that were donated.

    If I recall correctly, even with the 9/11 attack in New York there was widespread criticism about their lack of accountability for the tens of millions of dollars they got.

    So being a victim of a disaster myself, I have nothing but empathy for the Haitians. And little for the Red Cross.

    I think John Travolta and other INDIVIDUALS that flew people and supplies in probably did more than these big, bloated, costly, and slow bureaucracies!

  4. My mom suggests submitting the OpEd to John Kass at the Chicago Tribune. She says he's a human interest type columnist.

    Jen Taylor

  5. way off topic sorry,just a headsup "MSNBC" they have a news item up about running out of medicines! and thing. and more health issue. did not know were to post this.please delete if need be.


  6. TR,

    Keep your contacts such as Hugh Hewitt and others. They seem to be a better place to give an op ed than the yellow journels that are more worried about Globel Warming than true disasters and the needs of those who are truely suffering.

  7. Kass and Breitbart are good suggestions. If they haven't already reached out to you, contact Matt or Jimbo at Blackfive.net I know both have been published and should be a good resource.

    Also, I just want to say how continuously impressed and proud I am of Jake and everyone else in Team Rubicon who took it upon themselves to once again answer the call.

    Keep the faith and Semper Fi.

  8. I'll contact the Wisconsin State Journal and the Wisconsin Alumni Association once my computer is back online. I'm currently installing a new hard drive and updating software.


  9. I have written to the Commentary Editor of the San Jose Mercury News. Maybe they will be interested. Things learned from your experience might actually be about to help us here so it is a potential real benefit to our community. That might act as some incentive to get the lessons you have learned some wider exposure

    We are looking at the possibility of a major earthquake on the Hayward fault at some point. While many think about the San Andreas fault, a rupture of the Hayward will be much worse. Get a map of the San Francisco Bay area and find Interstates 880 and 680 that run down the Eastern side of San Francisco Bay. That is where the Hayward fault is. It runs from North of Oakland to Milpitas, from the North end of the bay to the South end. The bay area is home to about the same number of people as the entire country of Haiti. When that fault ruptures, it is going to be a major big deal.

  10. That's odd. "Things learned from your experience might actually be about to help us here" was supposed to be "Things learned from your experience might actually help us here"

  11. No contacts. Just know the WSJ guy and gals are the best.

    But you should ALSO do something for Pajamas Media TV (PJTV) if you haven't already thought about it, or been contacted. They are The Man these days. If you have any video footage at all it would be good, but they can do other magic. http://www.pjtv.com/ They also have a written page www.pajamasmedia.com

    These may be more politically oriented than you'd like ...

    Back to the OpEd --Dan Henninger at the WSJ (See the OpEd pape there) seems to be a pretty awesome guy (You should read his 9/11 piece if you haven't. Published 9/12/2001)

    Wish you well. A hand doctor friend of ours just left with three other surgeons (and supplies) from a local hopsital here in NC. We heard they had been doing amputations in Haiti usinfg Tylenol as the pain killer.

    God bless you guys and gals.

  12. Ummm...let me get this straight. I love you guys and your mission, but in the process, at one point, you slammed the media and now you want them to help you out?