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Friday, January 22, 2010

Team Rubicon... Vandalism?

An improvised triage

There is a plethora of aid groups here to provide medical care, but very little coordination among them. It makes for a confusing, sometimes stuttering aid effort.

Leave it to a few former servicemembers to take charge, creating an outdoor triage area at the hospital.

“The doctors had two overflowing ER’s and they came out begging us to set-up an area outside,” David Griswell, a doctor and former soldier who was coming alone to Haiti but ended up running into the former Marines at the airport.

To make the triage area, parked cars had to go. And when the drivers couldn’t be found, Jake Wood, a former Marine in desert camouflage pants, took out his ax and crashed through a window, so the car could be pushed out of the way.

They set up shade for the patients using whatever they could find, a tarp one side and pieces of cardboard boxes for individual hospital beds. Within an hour or two, they had an orderly triage area up and running.

Mark Hayward, who was a Special Forces medic before going to physician’s assistant school and leaving the Army as a captain, helped tend to the patients, many of whom needed to have their broken limbs in traction.

As is the case with so much right now, Hayward and the other aid workers improvised. They are using cinderblocks tied to rope.


  1. You better wish that bureaucrats won't hear about this!

    You guys do a man job's there, wish you luck and hope that everything will go slick and by plans out there!

  2. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

    Hoo Ra...

    Keep it going men.