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Friday, January 22, 2010

Team Rubicon supplies needed at EMBASSY??!!

From Will McNulty

"Yesterday at the airport I asked the Army to help transport medical supplies and a female US Army Major threatened to take them away because she needed them at the embassy. Then she told me that she had a problem with me wearing the uniform and being no longer in the Marines. She claimed that we are an NGO so therefore we fall under the command of the United Nations, and thus she can take our supplies. I put her in her place and she didn't take our supplies but this is indicative of the bureaucracy/mentality we are dealing with."

Pass this on to your congressman! This is outrageous!


  1. For help with all of this -- I just sent a txt msg to Brother Jim Boynton to call Col. Root in DC. (202)685-3420. He says he can help get supplies right to where you are.

    You guys are terrific! Thank you!
    Karl J. Kiser, S.J.
    U of D Jesuit High School Detroit Michigan

  2. Officers ... you got your good ones and you got your idiots-the ones who have no business in command positions.

  3. Would this be the same US Embassy that held all the US citizen Doctors inside the Embassy until this wednesday for their safety & security, rather than let them render medical care to the people of Haiti? In most people's books the nice Major's answer would be thank you for your service in the past & thanks for what you're doing to help today. Don't mean to get all political, but I can smell the "Hope & Change" from here & it smells like death. Stand fast Gentlemen, this isn't going to get any better any time soon I'm afraid.
    People are getting the life saving medical care they need & that's mission one. Big girl panties will be twisted, yep, shame about that.....carry on Gentlemen.

  4. McNulty??? Is this the same one from DC? This is Carol Rogers--I want to help. I will be in the DomRep next Thursday (already had a planned vacation, which I will forego), but need to link up with someone. Can you help?

  5. Guys!
    I have forwarded all pertinent information to my Senator Jim DeMint. Keep up the awesome work! You make me proud!

  6. yeah it's unfortunate that this took place,but as this go's on, you will see more of it.don't be surprised that you well be told to leave.

  7. Authority gets too much authority, soon it's like airport security. Just make people feel safe. the illusion of safety.

  8. I have written my Senator John McCain. I attempted to email Army higher ups but they do not give out email addresses for them. So I wrote to Obama ;). You guys are doing great things and I for one couldn't be prouder knowing there are folks like you in my world! Love to all!

  9. I'm not certain who has the authority to tell them to leave other than the government of Haiti. It is a soverign nation, after all. Absent government action, I would think they can keep rocking as long as they have supplies, funds, and the will to do so. The US authorities and NGOs may choose not to assist them in their efforts.

  10. I doubt the UN recognizes any nation's sovereignty. Where the UN goes, the UN does whatever it can to become the law of the land.

  11. As an enlisted AF military wife, I have always been proud of our military... NOT the command, not the "higher ups", not the people who are only there because they meet some PC quota and get her panties in a wad, but the REAL men and women who are red-ass and that would be you guys. Know that we are watching, we see who's really doing all the work, we see who the real heros are and that we are very proud of you all. Thank you for being a REAL voice and hands of the American people. Keep up the good work. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers. I have been telling everyone I know and meet about you! Best wishes!

  12. Hey Guys, Great job! I work for US Central Command as frmr Army now civilian. Though we are not involved in this effort, I recommend handling any problematic mid-career (ie Maj or below) with a stern yet diplomatic approach. They will not take your supplies. The US military has more than enough. If you encounter this again just whip out your digital camera or camera phone and address the Maj or whoever by name on camera and say "Maj -so and so- when I asked you for transportation of my people and medical supplies why would you threaten to take what little humanitarian aid we have away to use for the military." Stand your ground then say I will send this to CNN or better Al Jazeera... this ought to back them down faster than any other threat. I am sorry you ran into this type of individual but it happens. From your pics what you are wearing looks fine to me you don't look like you are in a uniform... just wearing parts of one that anyone is free to wear.

  13. I was just spitballing ideas with the wife.

    Would a paramedic / medic / nurse be better to get the supplies and have "security" along with to assist? I mean, for all they know it could "Doctor's Without Borders", etc.

    Also, would it be beneficial to have "name badges" or lanyards or something for these guys with "Team Rubicon / Haiti Relief" and their name? Something to signify them as a mobile / charity relief team? I can get lanyards at the office on Monday and send them down with the next plane if need be.

    p.s. Wife says that maybe the chick was "PMS-ing" and she can say that because she's a girl. (I don't even mention it... don't want to die - my wife is hot, but will kill you with a shoe).


  14. I am so sorry for that episode w/the Major...just classic.

    I agree, get out your camera and record it, the media would be drooling to get that kind of story.

    Stay safe, and God Bless You!