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Monday, January 18, 2010

Team Rubicon running point for Army Special Forces

From Team Leader Jake Wood:

We have a number of things on our plate today, wake up was at 0530, and we expect to move out by 9. Until then we are reconning a site for an army SF medical unit to occupy in the coming days. They need real estate, and we need to raid their supply room. Mark has made this connection possible through old contacts in the SF community. Absolutely amazing that army Special Forces is using OUR TEAM to locate and prep a spot for their arrival. That's when you know we we're doing something great.

By 9 we should know if the police will provide us weapons, they thought a couple handguns were possible. We noticed one of them had an M14, and after we explained to him what it was I did in the military we requested one.

At 9 we intend to roll out to a casualty center the Jesuits have established in a bad part of town. 900 estimated wounded. Our Drs have their work cut out for them, but as you can see from what they did last night, they're up for the challenge.

We will continue to update throughout the day.
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