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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Team Rubicon on TMJ4 Milwaukee

Milwaukee Firefighters Help Haiti
By Elizabeth Braun, George Mallet

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee firefighters Jeff Lang and Craig Parello have gone nonstop since hitting the ground with their team in Haiti.

"The doctors we brought are delivering babies. They're working on surgeries. They're doing amputations. And we're right next to em," says Lang.

Before leaving, the firefighters were questioned about their decision to self-deploy. They knew upon arrival they made the right move. They've saved lives that otherwise would not have been saved.

"We transported so many critical, so many critically wounded people in our own vehicles, in our own laps, that never would have seen a hospital in time."

That work began on the flight to Haiti, when they recruited others to join their team. "We met a doctor on the plane who was going to Haiti.  We said 'Hey, where you going?" She said "I don't know."  We said, "Come with us."

For Jeff, the fulfillment of the mission has exceeded expectations.

"What we have been able to do is absolutely incredible... I don't think any of us had these thoughts when we left. None of us could have dreamed of all the people we could have helped. We hoped we could, but we could not have dreamed of this."

Jeff says the experience has changed him. He'd like to make his team a full-time pursuit to help disaster victims around the world.

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  1. Hey Jeff and Jake,
    This is Mikey Mo, seen your pictures and hope things are alright there. Take care, and see you when you get back home.