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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Team Rubicon @ the General Hospital

Team Rubicon member Brother Jim Boynton holds an IV while Firefighter/EMT Jeff Lang assists a little girl with crushed toes in the background. Team Rubicon evacuated two little girls and boy from the Sisters charity in Dalmas.
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  1. http://blog.usni.org/2010/01/19/idle-operating-rooms-aboard-uss-bataan-lhd-5-on-first-day-off-haiti/comment-page-1/#comment-189054

    Can someone cut the red tape?

    I will send this to my Senator. How can there be unused beds when so many people are in need?

  2. Way to go USA. As usual our guys are some of the first to hit the ground running when there is an emergency somewhere in the world. So much for some people calling us the "Great Satan", our guys are too busy helping to listen to that BS. Keep up the good works.