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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Situation Report from William McNulty

We are doing some vanguard style work down here in Port au Prince, and we are mostly by ourselves because whoever is in charge at the airport isn't letting medical teams out without security, so we're told. Our team of former Marines, soldiers, firefighters/EMTs doctors, nurses, Jesuit priests and translators have bypassed the bureaucracy and bottleneck at the airport and we are delivering medical support to refugee camps inside PaP. Our operation is entirely privately funded and all volunteer. You can read more about us at Blackfive.net

The bureaucracy is killing people, not bandits. Hatians have received us very well. We are not seeing very many non-Haitians out in town. Huge bottleneck at the airport. We traveled overland from Santo Domingo through the Jimani border post. We are first responders to trauma sustained 6 days ago. People dying of wounds they shouldn't.

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