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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Request from Alpha Team, anyone know anyone with GE medical?

Try to contact GE and see if there is a 'trade-in' brain scan machine they can donate down here. The french will release a helo to get it.

There are non operational in PaP now and the need is critical. Long shot but worth an email.
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  1. I'm an idiot. I have a friend who repairs defib machines at GE in Madison. Will someone call me on Monday if you haven't found one and I'll get in contact with my guy? Hell, I was the photographer in his wedding. DOH.

    Man I have to read.


  2. Mark, bless you! You may be called on.....in fact, call and just put the word in to your friend.

  3. I work at GE Healthcare. I have contacted all the GMs I know and have obtained the contact information for the Lead on the Haiti Relief situation. Anymore information you can provide on the equipment needed and transportation arrangements would be helpful.

  4. My emails is: Christopher.ScottoDiVetta@ge.com or crscottodive@wisc.edu

  5. @Jeff
    Jen here-
    Keep me posted please, Mark knows someone from GE Medical in Madison and has put a call in.

  6. Here is the response I received from the Haiti relief coordinator for GE.

    In response to the recent earthquake in Haiti, GE has announced a commitment of $2.5 million to support relief and recovery efforts in the area. Grants from GE Foundation have been made to the Red Cross for $1 million and to UNICEF for $500,000. GE's contributions to both organizations will provide immediate support to the emergency response efforts and bring much needed relief to the millions of impacted Haitians. $1 million of GE Corporate's funds have been reserved to support GE product donations to help with the next phase of the response effort in Haiti -- recovery. The GE Foundation and Corporate Citizenship in Fairfield are working directly with the U.S. Government and local partners in Haiti to coordinate this phase of GE's response but all donations will be earmarked directly to relief efforts in Haiti. No additional donations outside of the process mentioned above are being undertaken at this time.

    In addition, GE employees already have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to relief agencies and the GE Foundation will be matching those donations to extend their impact.

    I have been informed that most of our donations have gone to Partners In Health and that they will be distributing them. I have submitted a request with them and hope to hear back shortly. I am still trying to contact businesses directly to see if there is anything they can do.

    Sorry for no results. I will keep trying and I hope Mark is having better luck.