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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Read McNulty's aticle about "Your supplies are needed at the embassy"

Here is the original post

Props to Matt of Blackfive.net

Whomever is posting to the blog should seriously consider posting McNulty's post about the fat major here:


There're similar complaints. You can register and it's a very open forum that is being read by the chain of command.



  1. Err.... Blackfive.net redirects to blackfie.com

  2. Actually, it doesn't! I just tried it.

    Have registered at the link above, and it's like going through a minefield for me....very confusing, but I think I am getting to the place I want to be.

    I hope! ;-)

  3. Hmmm..I'm on the site and a member, but can't find the forums Matt is talking about. Am corresponding with someone there now......

  4. Good lord, this is the hardest outfit to join that I have ever encountered! I hope you made it Tar Heel, I'm waiting now for permission to join the group.

  5. Once you get credentialed by the APAN main site you have to then join the group Haiti HA/DR

    It’s a secondary level of approval and then you are there.

    The main community (called “Haiti HA/DR”) is here: http://community.apan.org/pfa/haiti_hadr/default.aspx

    On that page a little ways down there are a series of tabs, one of which is ‘Forums’; click on that and you’ll see several including ‘Request or Offer Assistance’.

    Direct link to the forum page should be: http://community.apan.org/pfa/haiti_hadr/f/default.aspx

    …and to the actual Request or Offer Assistance forum should be: http://community.apan.org/pfa/haiti_hadr/f/1191.aspx

    I assume none of those links will work if you aren’t registered for / approved on APAN (the website) AND the Haiti HA/DR forum.

    Matthew Burden

  6. Matt...thru Jeff...aren't you the wily one! Of course you know how to work your way around the internet...you're a pro, the "father" of milblogging, and just look what you started!! ;-)

    So glad I was finally able to connect, by bumbling and fumbling my way through....earlier this afternoon. Found the forums and all the good stuff......

    Assume Jake and the team are getting some of this great info from the site?

    Did anyone ever post the complaint that McNulty had? I never saw a reference to other problems with getting supplies away from the military clutches, but it may have been there.

    It is really a great service....and one that is definitely needed for providers looking for definitive info.

    Thanks, Matt!