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Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Team


Jake Wood, acting Team Leader: Former Marine Scout/Sniper, four years combat arms experience, deployments to Iraq (2007) and Afghanistan (2008), extensive trauma medicine/mass casualty training, multiple combat decorations.

William McNulty, Assistant Team Leader: Former Marine Infantry and Intelligence, deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in an intelligence contracting role, Secretary of the Marine Corps Intelligence Association.

Jeff Lang: Milwaukee Fire Department, Ladder 12, EMT certified, Urban Search and Rescue Certified.

Craig Parello: Milwaukee Fire Department, Ladder 12, EMT certified, Urban Search and Rescue certified, former Marine Corps Communications

Corinne Joachim: Haitian citizen, former resident of Port au Prince, currently pursuing an MBA at the Wharton Business School.

Brother Jim Boyton: Jesuit missionary, familiar with Port au Prince


Dr. Mauricio Consalter: Chicago Zion Hospital, specialty in internal medicine

Additions: 1 physician assistant, 2 nurses and an Army Combat Medic

1 comment:

  1. I heard from Larry McCormick's father that he's looking for ceramic water filters for Team Rubicon, but need more information . . .
    Reid Harvey is working on setting up production of filters in Haiti, but that means six weeks to get into production. I assume filters are needed NOW. How many? How to send and to where? etc.
    Meanwhile, a container of goods is coming to Haiti, leaving tomorrow from Himrod, NY. Kode Red Emergency Equipment and Larry's fire co. teamed up to finish getting things together for that, this past weekend . . .

    Doug Clarke