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Sunday, January 17, 2010

More pictures and updates

We are on our way. We changed plans and got on a rented 15 pass van with a prominent haitian who has a party of 5. He is traveling with a retired marine gunny who has a john wayne belt buckle (literally his face) and smokes cigars like he's in a movie. He is carrying a gun (he's pushin 65-70). We were unsuccessful in our tries to get one, I had a pistol in hand, but the cop selling to me demanded 2000 US, we couldn't do without that much of our budget. Our new haitian friend has called in favors though and thinks he can have 3 pistols waiting for us at the border to rent per day. Let's hope.

The main mission we are basing out of is only a mile outside airport wall, so close to help, but their other missions are in bad spots and need help. We are going to work out of main one, drop what we don't need and provide mobile assistance and or evacuation to those missions. We have two docs who have linked with us. They are establishing the primary triage at the main JRS.

We are as confident as ever.
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Guy on left is Dr. Eduardo from WI, graduate Marquette. Middle is Jesuit guide, brother Jim, on right is Dr. David Griswell, ER Dr. From Alexandria Va.

3am team is assembled at an apartment building in Santo Domingo. We've dumped packs and redistributed supplies, created personal emergency first aid kits, escape money and blow out kits. We have contacted the missionary in PaP, the situation is still stable but the Jesuits fear it could unravel at any moment. They have a second mission elsewhere in the city that is 6 blocks from a masked gang. Speed is critical.

Road to Haiti

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