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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Phone interview with KGAN Cedar Rapids Iowa

KGAN CBS 2 :: Top Stories

Transcript as follows:
A former marine from Iowa is forming a team of military professionals to bring aid to those who need it in Haiti.

Jake Wood is from Bettendorf, but three days ago he left to be in the heart of the island state's mess.

Jake's not with the red cross or representing the military, he's with a group of trained volunteers who call themselves Team Rubicon. They came together to bring immediate assistance to the Haitians.

Today, Jeff Wood talked with us about his son, Jake, and how he came to set up a triage center in Haiti.

"He was a Marine Scout Sniper, so he was able to to figure out how to cross the border," says Jeff.

"He put a message on Facebook, and he got responses from other Marines, friends that were firefighters, and EMT's. They contacted him and said they were ready to rock."

But it wasn't "just" a group of emergency professionals and ex-military who contacted Jake.

Hundreds of people donated more than 15 thousand dollars to help Jake and Team Rubicon.

"The response has been overwhelming from all areas of the world – literally,” says Jeff.

“They've been receiving donations, we've got enough money and we're sending a second team go down."

From their home base in a demolished church courtyard, the group treats dozens of patients daily.

To let the world know of their efforts, they communicate through their website, badgerjake.blogspot.com.

The website it also how the former sniper let's his family know he's ok.

"Every once in a while he'll send a blurb and say, ‘Tell mom I'm ok.’"

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