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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jesse Jackson makes an appearance

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  1. I loved when he was quoted as saying he was going to go to Haiti and make sure things were running smoothly or something along those lines... pathetic

  2. Yeah.... with his cameras. blech

  3. You made me laugh at your comment! I grew up in Chicago, and grew to despise this man very early in life!

  4. and Al Sharpton is next with the camera... HA! Had to laugh out loud.. it was a nice break in between the devastation.

  5. He's everywhere! He's everywhere!!!!

  6. far out man...what an asshole

  7. I mean this with all due respect to the incredible effort you are doing, but you should remove this post. There's no need for it, and it takes away from your nobel effort.

  8. Last @Anon,

    Do you see "Rev" Jesse ah... with a bottles of water / food / medical supplies? Hell, I don't see him with his hands on a gurney helping move somebody like the KABC guy did with Jake. This is at a time where they weren't letting anyone/thing outside the airport without security.

    And if you look closely, looks like he brought is own camera crew (dude in blue shirt behind him).

    Could of left his ass at the airport (just like Clinton) and sent his security people out with supplies. He's not helping, he's getting in the way and taking away from the effort.

    It's sad when people who think they are important get in the way of the actual important people trying to make a difference. He's just there to get his name out, "See, I wen there" and have his face in the news.

    Mission accomplished.