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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jesuit Novice Edmund Lo Reports from Haiti

Snagged from http://archbishopterry.blogspot.com/

A couple of Canadian Jesuit Novices Edmund and Artur arrived in Haiti a few days before the 'quake. Edmund has been blogging about it and sent me a copy of his reflections. This is the latest, dated January 23:

Artur and I had relocated to another Jesuit community- the novitiate, to better aid the relief effort. Sleeping in tents because buildings are unsafe. Artur does things (LOTS of things) around the novitiate, including moving boxes of aid and doing inventory things, while I head out with a team of (mostly) American physicians, firefighters, medics and ex-marines everyday to help in areas where medical attention is needed.

This is called "Team Rubicon" and it is collaborating with the Jesuit Refugee Service. The team chaplain is Br. Jim Boynton, SJ. In 5 days we had been to four refugee camps and helped get the Port-au-Prince general hospital up and running again, while I had learned to (un)dress wounds, been a pharmacist, moved patients back into the hospital, and ran emergency clinic triages. It has been tiring but fulfilling.

Everyday we go to a different place, everyday we face a different situation. Team Rubicon has a blog site: http://blog.teamrubiconhaiti.org/

Today I will be going with a few Mennonites from Canada who are affiliated with L´Arche Canada to visit the L´Arche community near Port-au-Prince to deliver aids and set up tents for them. (As you know, I spent 6 weeks at L´Arche in Gatineau) Also to assess if there is a need for our team to move in and give them a hand on the medical side.

OK, all for now. Love you all and God bless. Yours in Christ, Edmund Lo

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