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Monday, January 25, 2010

Jenny Hume

Team Rubicon Profile for 24 January 2010:

Today's Team Rubicon profile is of Jenny Hume, Neurosurgical PA. She is from Portland OR and she and her two neurosurgeons came to Haiti as requested by Sanjay Gupta. They expected to be performing neurosurgery on the Comfort. However, they have been told that their neurosurgical services are not needed. So, they have joined Team Rubicon. Jenny arrived here on Friday. She was part of Rubicon's Field Team Alpha yesterday and Field Team Charlie today.

Her first impressions of what she is a part of here: Incredible effort & commitment. Fantastic team with the same goal: trying to help people who need help.

Her main job in the US: neurosurgery. As a Physician Assistant, she does preop, postop, rounding, and neurosurgical first assist. For non-medical people, this means that she pokes around inside people's skulls on a regular basis.

Her main job on the Team: field medical treatment, mostly wound debridement and some complex wound repair first assist work.

Her thoughts on the work she's doing here, and the fact that it is really, REALLY basic compared to what she does back home: "Well, somebody's got to do it. We all want to help in any way we can."

Her summary comments: "I have been really impressed and touched by people from all over the world giving up their day jobs and their time to come out here and do something that's not fun, that's not easy, that's not glamorous, but needs to be done anyway. It restores your faith in humanity."


  1. sorry to hear your not needed on the comfort. but you landed with a great team none the less.
    thank you for your time and caring.bless you.

  2. well said Jenny. and you are out there doing it too! great!

  3. Wow Thank Jenny for stepping up and Team Rubicon for getting it done!

  4. There are people in this world that talk about helping and there are people that just flat out HELP. Among those that gave money and supplies I am so thankful for people like Jenny that are willing and able to be hands on. Oh and I'm impressed that you were requested by Sanjay Gupta that's pretty remarkable. You have such a huge heart. Keep safe! Tammy Lasure-Stewart