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Monday, January 25, 2010

James and Carolyn Bouchard, Heros of Bravo Team Flight!

Sunday night's flight was put together by James and Carolyn Bouchard, CEO of Esmark, a steel and oil production company.

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti - A 79-member medical team from Pittsburgh and beyond arrived here Sunday night with 30,000 tons of medical supplies in a race against time, sickness and decay in this earthquake-stricken city.

The return flight carried 80 more orphans, children released at the last minute to fly to Florida and, from there, to families waiting across the United States.

"We did it," beamed James Bouchard, the Pittsburgh businessman who co-sponsored last night's mercy flight. At first, he had expected to return only with exhausted relief workers after the Haitian government balked at any further release of orphans.


  1. (Sarcasm on)Ah yes....those greedy corporate executives who steal and then hoard their ill-gotten gains....We must tax, tax,tax them even more!! (Sarc off)

    A boatload of thanks to men like James Bouchard and his co-partner in this amazing endeavor!

    And gratitude to the doctors and nurses who are now on the ground doing what they do best.

    And a really special thank-you to Mr. Bouchard for stopping along the way to get Team Rubicon 2!!!! You folks traveled in grand style!!

  2. well done.and thank you all.

  3. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard for the assistance you provided to get equipment and fresh medical teams into Haiti where their services are so needed. Its much appreciated.

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard...THANKYOU!! Your offering was without question, monumental! And personally, thank you for picking up Rubicon 2..I have a very special member in that team, not to mention 9 new special friends. Thank you for picking them up and getting them to Haiti safely where they can continue the mission. Our hearts were beaming when we found out you were on the way. Sometimes it seems thank you is just not enough....but THANK YOU!!!

  5. God bless Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard for their heartfelt generosity and kindness for picking up team Rubicon and delivering them to Haiti. It is so very much appreciated and you were definately "God sent" to help them in their mission! Thank you!