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Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanks for the response on this post, but we are overwhelmed at this point 1/24/10

Team Rubicon has been at the Manresa refugee camp since 0930. There are over 900 persons seeking medical attention. Many are going to die if they can't get to hospitals. IF YOU ARE A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, YOU ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED IN PORT AU PRINCE. "I'm used to seeing fresh wounds, not old wounds. I'm used to having enough equipment for my team. I'm pissed off at myself for only having, for instance, one pair of scissors. I'm pissed off at myself for not packing for a team", says former Special Forces Medic Mark Hayward, who arrived in Haiti with his own equipment and the will to help.
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  1. Is there any way we can ship supplies to you guys.