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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hang on men, help is on the way

The team that will be joining Brother Jim, Jake Wood, and William McNulty team in PaP, is led by Dr. Consalter and Dr. Ivankovic, will consist of 3 sub-units:
  1. Sub-unit for trauma Operating Room, Dr. Ivankovic, orthopedic trauma surgeon, Dr. Sodi, anesthesia trauma, Thomas Rosen Physician Assistant orthopedic trauma, and Karen Korkmaz, RN.
  2. Sub-unit emergency room/critical care/urgent care/infectious disease Dr. Consalter, Robert Thomann PA, Rositte Marine RN, Seth Tesqi RN
  3. Sub-unit acute and chronic wound care Zacharia Schindlebeck ex US army medic wound care specialist
Quick briefs on the personnel

Dr. Ivankovic: Head of orthopedic surgery at Roseland Hospital, Loretto and St Marys of Nazareth, all Chicago hospitals, trained at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, humanitarian political influence in Chicago, specialist in minorities;
Dr. Consalter: Trained at University of Illinois Michael Reese hospital, president of Medici Health Care Providers Group specialized in home geriatrics care in underserved senior communities of Chicago. Illinois Masonic Hospital attending.
Dr. Sodi: Anesthesia associated to Dr. Ivankovic orthopedic team
Thomas Rosen: Trauma orthopedic physician assistant with Dr. Ivankovic team
Rosette Marine: General nurse, and hospice nurse with Dr. Consalter team
Robert Thomann: ER physician assistant at Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago
Seth Tesqi: Illinois Masonic Hospital general nurse associate with Dr. Consalter
Karen Korkmas: Registered nurse at Illinois Masonic also associate with Dr Consalter

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  1. I just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you to all of you who are helping there in Haiti. Thank you for being decent human beings and thinking of someone other then yourselves.