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Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Picture and narrative from William McNulty

Jake Wood and Mark Hayward, former Marine Scout Sniper and former Army 18D, look at possible routes into Port au Prince while waiting on luggage at the Santo Domingo airport. We arrived with MOST of our bags, some medical supplies didn't make a connecting flight and should be here shortly. We lost our translator (her grandmother passed away and she just caught a taxi into PaP), but we have Jesuit Jim Boynton with us and he will guide us to the Jesuit Refugee Mission in PaP tomorrow. He speaks Creole fluently.

Still trying to find a solution to get Dr Consalter and his team in country. we have enough to fly them to Santo Domingo. Ideally we want to fly them into PaP because there are reports of convoys being attacked on the road to PaP from the DR border.


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