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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Team Rubicon member Zack Beck (left margin) prepares a patient for
treatment with a proprietary dressing called Dermafill.


  1. Do you guys need more of these dressings? I found this site:


    And have contacted them about obtaining some for shipment to the rally point but don't know yet how much they cost of how long it will take to get them there.

  2. Well, nevermind my above, after reading the "about" section, I see that Chasing Lions is Zak Beck's outfit and he is there already.

  3. How about a little respect for the patient, like not posting a picture of his bare ass on your blog? Come on, guys.

  4. To Anon above,
    No problem here. Sure, while the TR guys might have been smiling, as usual, they were top professionals in rendering their medical care to the patient. The story here is they r using the latest technology Dermafill to give treatment to a patient that needs it. Lighten up Francis.

  5. Jeff, you can post this.

    Team Rubicon does not support the current philosophy of censoring photos and text that accurately depict the reality of the conditions we are facing in Haiti. We treat our patients with utmost respect; they are our brothers and sisters and they are why we are here. Anyone who questions this is invited to come to Haiti and experience this first hand.

    Will McNulty
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