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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The man who started this with a Facebook post asking for volunteers.

Jake Wood is a natural leader. Personality, character, and physical presence. I would follow him anywhere. Jake and I are preparing an After Action Report to capture the lessons learned from Team Rubicon's first deployment. Lingering question: Can the Rubicon model be employed in other disaster situations? We think so.

William McNulty
Team Rubicon Co-Founder


  1. If so, then I want to join the mission. And I am not kidding.
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  2. Get with a publisher and write a book/manual about your experiences. This isn't the last major disaster we'll see in our lifetime, and hopefully your efforts there will inspire other people to step up when things are at their worst.

  3. William, on the smaller scale that you and Jake devised, you have been oh so successful! In and out, on to another location, in and out, etc. Finding those places where it would have taken so much longer for other groups to even notice or get there to provide aid.

    But I would hope there will never be another disaster like this one.....because it is seems to me that even IF all the response groups had been better coordinated and moved supplies in earlier, the magnitude of the damage and number of people needing help is mindboggling.

    Another group that moves in many ways like yours, (though on a much larger scale) is Samaritan's Purse.

    They've been doing their work for quite a few years, all over the world.

    And they have LOTS of financial resources. (Close to $10 million in donations have been sent since the earthquake!) But, they didn't wait for the govt. to tell them where to go or what to take.....just as Team Rubicon took the initiative.

    Sent in their own medical teams....accessors first to determine road conditions, viability of the Baptist Hospital they support down there, etc.

    Now shipping in heavy equipment: earthmovers, excavators, dump trucks, hydraulic hammers, etc/

    Of course their first response is to send in doctors, nurses, medical supplies and food.

    Didn't mean to spend so much time in writing about them, but was thinking how it would work with a group/concept like Team Rubicon (many Team Rubicons!) linking up with a less-bureaucratic type Samaritan's Purse (with lots of money, contacts, experience)to be the initial jump-in-early folks....do what YOU do best, but having this org. backing you and doing the work they do in the hospitals and other places.

    Just a thought.....I hope you and Jake and others can take the time to read the article that even started me thinking last night how your concept and theirs might work together. Funny that your query comes today....

    "Graham charity hits Haiti at a run"
    From Raleigh,NC News and Observer 1/24/10.


    Okay, I'll shut up now!!

    Definitely write that manual......

  4. Absolutely the Rubicon model worked. Small teams, independent of bureaucracy and the senseless rules and regulations that tie up real aid.

    I'm so proud of what Team Rubicon has become, from a simple idea to help, to an example of what can be done when people step up and lead by doing the best they can with what they have.

    Sadly, this won't be the last disaster we will ever have but hopefully it will never be as bad as Haiti.

  5. Are you familiar with the Incident Command System that wildland firefighters use every day? Just wondering.

  6. You guys were awesome - true heroes in my book. After following Jake through two deployments, I knew that he was a warrior and that he was smart, but this last campaign has shown his caring and giving side. It showed him as an amzing leader. And the whole package is beautiful.

  7. planet sized wrecking ball now in motion, and hell yes there will be a further need for Team Rubicon. Let's make sure we swing said wrecking ball in the right direction, and continue the mission that is apallingly necessary. wow that was a lot of syllables...

  8. Jake is an inspiration, and the Rubicon model is definately a form to be replicated!
    Also, see the discussion of Jake's "Criticism" post (lots of good ideas kicking around).

  9. I absolutely think/know so. The Canadians were thrilled to be a part of Team Rubicon and to be able to work with you guys and help the Haitians. When Team Rubicon is needed again in the future, I hope you'll still be able to find a role for this Canadian English teacher! Thanks