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Monday, January 25, 2010


Stand down on this request, the need has passed. Thanks for all your efforts.

Can you please help post/fill this request for experienced loadmasters for air lifts into Haiti? David Lee at dlee@airshareselite.com is the POC. If you are an experienced loadmaster and willing to help, please contact David.


William McNulty
Team Rubicon

These are the remote towns below... most are in the mountains and have been completely shut off from any and all supply lines since the quake. You can imagine these people are getting desperate. The only way to get product (in quantity) to them is via helicopter or air drop.

We've got several aircraft capable of carrying 2,000 - 4,000 lbs of food. All are equipped as "jump" aircraft meaning they have large, open cargo doors -- great for dropping stuff.

The challenge is several fold:
We don't have any experienced loadmasters that can help us with packing, attaching chutes, properly dropping stuff, etc. Nor do have the actual chutes. So again, we've got pilots, aircraft, food, and destinations, but we're leary of just dropping stuff out of an aircraft without an experienced loadmaster to supervise the process. We can slow the aircraft to 60 knots comfortably and fly low, but we want to do it an a manner that doesn't endanger the aircrew, the aircraft, the food, or the people on the ground.


  1. Where does the air drop originate from? Do they need to be on the plane? Need some more details.


    beufferd at gmail.com

  2. Mark, I put the request up on that APAN site that Matt Burden told us about. I emailed the contact who requested the help...and found out more about what they plan to do. Drop will originate from Santiago....

    They need volunteers there to help bag the food and load the plane. And really need a loadmaster.

    No bites yet from the APAN group...there is lots of traffic right now with folks trying to get a rescue/recovery team back over to the Supermarket....think there may be one and maybe others who are still alive.

  3. FYI, what some other medical teams are experiencing in PaP, see CNN article titled:

    Doctors: Haiti medical situaion shameful

    The speak of hijacked medical supplies, no electricity, no water. Seems they had expectations of some American style hospital to work in and they brought in a lot of gear. They apparently worked 60 hours straight and then abandoned the place.

  4. Crosspatch, did you "join" the APAN site? It is amazing how much communication is going back and forth, and the hospital in Milot has been asking, constantly, for groups to bring their patients to them.

    Have a landing area for helos...some patients have been brought over from the Navy ship for post-op care, etc.

    No helos landed yesterday......the hospital wonders why. I would imagine trying to get there by driving is difficult.

    From the traffic generated from this site, (I get email on all the posts), folks are still trying to find out if there are comprehensive lists of medical facilities, where orphanages are located, offers of supplies....USSOUTHCOM is definitely reading/linked up to, APAN.....

    No bites on the request I put in yesterday for volunteers and a loadmaster....Maybe the title I gave it is not garnering interest. Or maybe no one has an answer!

  5. (Jen here)
    This is the website for a place in Sousa, DR. The owner's name is Marco. I stayed in one of their cabins on my last trip to the DR. Marco seemed like a guy who knows a lot of people. Rocky's is a popular place for ex-pats. Sousa is close to Santiago maybe Marco knows someone who could help, or some people who could volunteer.
    www.rockysbar.com/ the contact info is on the bottom of the first page

  6. Thanks for that info, Jen! I will send your post and the link to the contact person in Atlanta. Haven't heard from him today....am hoping someone got in touch with him directly, since I listed his contact info on the APAN post.

  7. Well, it seems that folks have been getting in touch with him, (not necessarily from the posting for help on APAN) so that is good!!! I sent along your link. He says he will let me know what happens.

  8. If a load master is still needed this post should be bumped up to the front page. If not please update, did you guys find someone?