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Monday, January 18, 2010

Bureaucracy is killing people, not bandits.

Need doctors more than anything. Word from our follow-on team is relief workers are not allowed to leave the airport without security details. Bureaucracy is killing people, not bandits.
William McNulty


  1. It would be very bad for the rescue efforts attempt to raise funds if rescue personell were attacked, injured. Consequently requiring a security contingent makes sense.. Failing to define what constitutes a private security contingent and make arraingments to provide the proper permits to PSC volunteers or Paid is the fault of the Hatian Government.

    Get the supplies in using Carribean Cruise ships they also have a good secure place (resort) in Hati to stage out of if you could
    get permission.


  2. put me on PSD bro, I'll see you in a few

  3. I just found this blog through a friend. It is incredible. I am planning a trip to Haiti this summer, but have no organization or plan of action thusfar.

    If you have any suggestions or recommendations of organizations there or anything really, would you mind sending me a quick email. I would really appreciate any help. My email is malloy.meg@gmail.com

    What you are doing is truly inspiring.