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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bravo Team Has a Ride!

Privately funded 737-800 picking up Bravo element in Fayetteville, NC
Made possible by contacts of Dan Tarpein, High School buddy of Jake Wood.


  1. Fantastic! Thanks, Dan for having friends in high places....Jake certainly has a wide-spread and very effective network of friends. A very special young man, indeed!

    Go Team Rubicon!

  2. God bless you, Dan Tarpein. I've been reading Jake's blog since I followed a link from I can't remember where, but when he was early on in Iraq. It was pretty obvious that he is an exceptional young man. God doesn't form someone like Jake in a vacuum. It comes from his family, and whom he chooses as his friends, and who choses him. It's apparent you both chose well. I am in total awe, and full of gratitude for you all. You guys are like a beacon of light.

  3. Contact Air Calvary at La Isabela Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for helicopter service in Haiti. Rates have been reduced. R44, B3, L3, L4, L4 Air Ambulance with ALS available. Direct mission requests to: mail@aircalvary.com

  4. Yes a big thank you Dan Tarpein.

  5. This is Great News! Thank you to D.T.!

    ALSO, big props to Mark, Jeff, L.L. and all the rest of the 'Comments' section think tank. You should be proud. Think... "Rubicon Stateside-Logistics Specialists"! Seriously, Haiti needs TR, and TR needs you guys. Good work.

  6. You guys are the true heroes, I merely made a connection. Jeff and Gary really coordinated this thing to a T. Of course, biggest thanks to my man Jake. You and your team are saving lives. My prayers go out to you guys.

    Dan Tarpein