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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anyone Have Ins at the State Department?

From "TraumaBob":
Hi,This is traumabob. I deployed with team Rubicon for 6 days. I was extremely dissapointed with the state departments treatment of volunteers leaving Haiti. They made us sign a promissary note promising to pay 300-400 dollars to leave Haiti on a military cargo plane to Florida. These planes came in with food/cargo and were leaving empty anyway to restock in Florida. When we found this out, we were going to leave and travel to DR for a plane out. We were then misinformed that the form was only for loans for people once the arrived in Florida and needed money to go further on their trip. After our bags were loaded, another state department employee demanded the promissary note stating we were going to be charged for the flight. At that point we had no choice because our bags were already stowed so we took the flight. I am extremely dissapointed in our State department.
One thing that Team Rubicon WILL do is continue to expose the ridiculous policies of our Government, large NGOs, the US Military, etc. Please, if you have a connection, ask the State Department why volunteers are being forced to foot the bill for empty flights to the States.

Jake Wood, Team Rubicon Co-Founder


  1. As a C-17 Loadmaster and SNCO, I find this shocking....the State Department DOES NOT OWN these jets. The Air Force does!

    If your case was the standard, then EVERY Haitian that we airlifeted back to the states would have also had to sign the paperwork and with the bureaucrats running the show, the first chalk would still be filling out paperwork!!!

    I'd suggest calling your local Congressman and asking him/her to help you out.