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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ride To Recovery

Alright, first things first. Some of you may remember helping my friend Dave Folwell out a few years ago in his effort to raise money to donate to "Hope for the Warriors" as he ran the Marine Corps Marathon.

Well, get the wallets out, it's time again. My good friend, Clay Hunt, is participating in a ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, along with hundreds of other veterans, celebrities, and professional bicyclists, in an effort to raise mon
ey that will be used to purchase rehabilitative bikes for wounded warriors. Believe me, the cause is a good one.

Clay has been one of my best friends during my time in the Marine Corps. We deployed to Iraq together, where he unfortunately was wounded, shot by an enemy sniper. After having been heavy into biking his whole life, the injury prevented him from riding for 18 months. He rehabbed his wrist, toughed it through Sniper School alongside me, and deployed again with me last year to Afghanistan.

Clay is now out of the Marine Corps but is still very active in Veteran's efforts. He is a member of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and through the IAVA has found this opportunity to combine both his passions into a good, noble cause. He will be making the ride specifically in honor of our good friends who were horribly wounded in Afghanistan this past year- Kevin Colbert, Joe Piram, and Anthony Villareal. Colbert broke both his legs and was badly burned when his humvee struck an IED that killed four other brothers from out previous platoon. Joe and Anthony were horribly burned in a similar incident a few weeks later. All three are still recovering in San Antonio over one year after the events.

Please take the time to explore the program and consider donating to this cause.

You can find the website HERE

And an article on the ride HERE

And remember, all donations are tax deductible, so it's just another way to keep Obama's grubby hands off of it. THANKS!


  1. This sounds like a great cause - thanks for posting it. We are getting to do the Hotter 'n Hell Hundred bicycle ride next week, which is great fun. I know how good it feels to ride - so giving money to special warriors for bikes is a great opportunity.

  2. thanks to all who've helped so far- I'm at 550$ and easily gonna hit 5000 by race time...its gonna be a sweet ride, so thanks to all who are willing to help make it happen!

  3. just hit 1100 bucks, which is enough for 1/2 of a bike needed for a disabled wounded warrior, or 1 spin bike to add to one of our LA vet center's spinning recovery labs- lets keep it up so we can help more, thanks for the continued support to us all.

  4. Jake,

    Just made a donation for Clay. Will make another donation if you start posting updates on your adventures again!! I mean the Badgers are 3-0 heading into Big 10 play - how can you not have something to say about that? Let's go Bucky! Kick some Sparty ass.

  5. I've made my donation. Hope all is well with this effort.

    On a side note, since you're EASing, hopefully, this site will continue. In an effort to ensure such, I'm offering the following on a social level...

    A new booze for the sweet drink lovers. Phillip's Union. It's only 70 proof, so barely qualifies for hard likker. It's made from Kentucky bourbon, Canadian whiskey and Madagascar vanilla. Smoother than silk, sweet enough for dessert.

    You've mentioned Southern Comfort before. Those who like that may enjoy some of that Phillips Union stuff.

    I found it at a Smart and Final store.

    If there's one thing Marines the world over can talk endlessly about, it's booze.

  6. Hey everyone- A HUGE thanks to all who helped raise money for this program- it was hands down the best experience of my life (outside my time in the Corps, obviously) and it is something I am going to continue to support and ride in for years to come. For more info, check out the website, or FoxNews.com- Adam Housley was with us for the last few days helping to cover it and get some media attention involved, so check us out! Thanks!