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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Screening's Over

Ready to go put the screws to them.

Every candidate's interview nightmare.

Today finally marked the end of our Selection Screening. Of our roughly 1300 man battalion, 20 Marines initially signed up to take part. On the first day, 19 showed, by noon we had gotten 2 to drop, by the end of day one only 11 remained. Three more dropped on day two, and only 7 remained after the weekend.

Today we gave them their final exams, a few final skills exercises, and finally an interview in Service Charlie uniforms. We GRILLED these guys during the interview, and at the end, extended an invitation to 4 of them to join our platoon.

For those four its only the beginning. In a couple weeks they could be seeing me again down at the Pre-Course, much to their dismay I'm sure. Especially considering they still owe me some thrashing for a number of target indicators they left laying around yesterday...


  1. I would say that you guys are very cute, but I am sure that is not the look you were going for.

  2. Who'd you tick off to lose your stripes?