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Monday, February 02, 2009

Ball Weekend

We had our Marine Corps Ball in Laughlin this past weekend. The ball and the Super Bowl all in one weekend creates quite an event, especially when you're able to squeeze in some great beach time in between.

The Ball was great- all my buddies were there, my date Indra didn't fall for any guys with more medals than me, we honored our fallen brothers from Afghanistan, and Ollie North (the man, the myth, the legend) was the guest of honor. There are probably going to be a lot of people chiming in with their thoughts and opinions on Colonel North, but let me tell you this, if you're a Marine, that man is a hero. It was neat for a lot of the guys in our sniper team because we actually read a number of books on this deployment that involved Ollie North. Six months ago we were sitting around in Sangin talking about what a stud he was, and then he showed up at our Ball and got about 1200 Marines fired up with his speech. He had a lot to say about killing Taliban and wrecking shop Marine-style, but his most well received comment was, "you know it's no coincidence that Marines understand that there are 24 beers in a case, and 24 hours in a day." You do the math, cheers.

From Laughlin it was a marathon car ride back to the coast. I've seen enough sand in the last two years without the accompanying large body of water that I didn't want to waste 80 degree weather anywhere else. So Saturday brought a full day of beach volleyball, sun and one or two beers.

The game Sunday speaks for itself. Most everyone I was with was cheering for the Cardinals, including myself, but once I realized that I had a potential $100 squares game payout riding on that last Steelers touchdown, I admittedly sold out. Of course after the game no one was finished, so it was on to Poncho's for a little Sunday night karaoke. Matt Runyon continues to solidify himself in karaoke lore.

So now its back to the grind. Back on base, back to not doing much of anything. The highlight of our days out here are our workouts, and today, right around the third round of our little haze fest we were subjecting ourselves to, I felt every beer, margarita, grog, pig in the blanket, jalapeno popper, etc that I fed myself yesterday. It was worth every one.

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