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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Umm, Let Me Reconsider

So explain to me why I'm visiting schools back in the Midwest. What for? So I can drive around in this mess 4 months a year?

Paging Stanford and USC...

On a side note, Kellogg seemed like an excellent school. But it was -12 degrees when I arrived at its front doors Friday morning.


  1. told you... seriously though, midwest folks are awesome, but the price is the winters...we do have some awesomely humid summers ;)!!

  2. "Prestige" does not look quite so good in 12 degree weather.

  3. Seriously, you have GOT to come to Tempe to visit Arizona State. It was 75 degrees today.

    I hear the coeds were on their second application of baby oil on the lawns outside the dorms.

    Yeah, it's THAT fookin good.

  4. The life lessons of a grunt.

    Do weather, terrain and libo ports matter when choosing a duty station?