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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Greg on Jimmy

So a few nights ago my dad and I went into Chicago to meet up with Greg Root. The conversation was all over the place, but eventually we came to what guys we used to play with were doing these days. We started talking about Jimmy Leonhard, a guy that was in our recruiting class. If you live in a cave or under a rock, or are currently deployed to Afghanistan, you may not know that Jimmy is BALLIN with the Baltimore Ravens right now. The play tomorrow for a shot at the Super Bowl.

Really the only reason I'm telling this story is because Greg said that his first memory of Jimmy was when we were at fall camp our freshman year. Our team was staying at the Seminary for about 3 weeks doing two-a-days, and there was a Golden Tee video game in one of the rooms. Greg's memory was of he and Jimmy playing the game, and him punching Jimmy as hard as he could in the arm every time Jimmy beat him on a hole. Which, of course, was every hole for 18 holes. Greg was running about 260 pounds back then, Jimmy probably about 170 soaking wet. Figure out how that turned out for Jimmy.

Anyway, here's an excellent article on what Jimmy is doing with the Ravens.


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