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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good WSJ Article


This is a link to an article sent to me by my buddy Jon in Hermosa. It outlines how Bush's 'real sin was winning in Iraq'. I always say I don't like to discuss politics on this blog, but I think that this article and it's line of thinking has a lot of merit. I truly feel that many people, not the majority, but many folks truly wanted to see us lose this war a la Vietnam. Having served, that disgusts me.

Justified or not. WMDs or not. Unilateral or not. Preemptive doctrine or not. Whatever side of those arguments you are on, once in Iraq, the right thing for us to do was to win. Bush, love him or hate him, stuck to his guns and did just that. I hope history can judge him through a less subjective lens than current perceptions allow.


  1. I never could comprehend the morality of abandoning the Iraqi people to the tender mercies of Al Qaeda.

    Their response was purely dogmatic ... and nobody appreciates having their dogma proven wrong.

    Keep it up Jak, it's helpful to hear from someone who is in the thick of things.

    - Rob from the Land of Cheese

  2. In Obama's speech, he came across as a tough guy who would not step back from a fight, but since he voted against the war and then has campaigned on getting out quickly, I wondered just what he thought a fight was.

  3. What an amazing an well written article. But I think that Obama will learn really fast that the supporting our troop and our efforts in Iraq will make his term a lot easier. If this is going to be another Veitnam, than I pray for all of our soldiers who have to indure the ignorance and abuse of the very people you have sworn to protect! God bless you!