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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thanks Badgers

We had a little party last night at the Wood house, lots of my parent's friends from both church and work, along with neighbors and parents of my friends were in attendance. The festivities began at 4 pm, which gave me a good 30 minutes of undivided Badger bowl game watching. After the guests began to arrive I of course did the polite thing and socialized, but I was always looking over people's shoulders trying to catch a glimpse of the game. The game started out competitive, but eventually devolved into a complete debacle. This, of course, caused me to have numerous emotional breakdowns mid-conversation with people that I had not seen in one or two years. It usually went something like this-

Guest: "So Jake, we just want you to know how glad we are that you returne-"
Me: (slaps both sides of head, squats down, and clenches fists) "WHAT, NO @#$@ 2 #@#%"
Guest: (turns around, notices game for first time) "Oh, I see your alma mater is having some trouble"
Me: (trembling with rage, forcing smile) "Yes. Yes they are."

After things got more and more out of hand, I eventually had to seek out my brother in law Ryan to turn the game off. I thought that was taken care of, but later discovered that my buddies got more of a kick out of watching me occasionally glance over and notice the slaughter, so it eventually was turned back on. Thanks guys, missed you a lot.

Hey Badgers, lets try not to embarrass ourselves next year, okay?


  1. I felt the something similar when we were invited to the Oklahoma v Texas Tech game by our Okie friends. Having been a TT fan for a while, I knew that it could turn out bad, and it did.

  2. Yeah, yesterday was a rough game. I had a lot to say to the TV during it. Lucky for me there wasn't anyone around to witness my frustration.

    At least the Packers helped Detroit make history today... almost makes up for it. Almost. :)