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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good News

Changing gears from my last post, I have great news courtesy of the Marines. While I was in Arizona, I was contacted by a Marine Captain in Washington, DC that works with the recruiting command. Turns out that the Outback Bowl is honoring a graduate from each school playing from each of the armed services. I have been lucky and fortunate to have been selected to represent the University of Wisconsin. It's especially awesome for me because the last game I ever played for the Badgers was the 2005 Outback Bowl. The best news? I'm getting orders to attend the game, which means they're paying for the flight, they're paying for the hotel, and they're paying for the food (drinks). Very nice.

Believe it or not, I'm one of those dudes out there...just squint.


  1. You're getting famous.

    I'm wondering how long until you announce you're now "The Badger, Formally Knowns as Jake"?

    Or maybe it'll be "Jake the Badger".
    or "The Badger Guy".

    Seriously. Well done. Enjoy it while it lasts. You've earned it.

  2. Consider it a MAJOR peanut butter reimbursement LOL

  3. Actually there is already a milblog that goes by the badger 6 name so to adopt that would end up with close confusion of the two

  4. Jake's already famous; just ask the "random dude" in the stands at Madison or the middle-age women at the Stadium bar who would like to "get to know him better"...hhumm...maybe Jake should be the next famous spokesperson for peanut butter advertisements. All the middle-age women and random dudes would start eating PB&J for lunch just to "Be like Jake." :-)

  5. Awesome that you are going to the game free of charge. Ask the marines if they are going to throw in the valour suit to match? I do remember our talk in the locker room at the bowl...one I will never forget...Appreciate it!

    Have a blast!


  6. Congratulations! We will be looking for you so wave at us!!

  7. Hey that's great Jake!

    Are you going to be honored at half time or at a pre-game thing?

    Will those of us who are forced to watch it on TV from home instead of live in person be able to see you on TV or will it happen some time that isn't televised?

    We need more details, man!!

  8. hey jake did you know this?
    Outback Bowl 2008

    "Enjoy a colorful pregame show featuring the pageantry of high school and college bands along with numerous special activities including a U.S. Marine Corps flyover and skydivers delivering the game ball. A popular Outback Bowl tradition you won't want to miss. Show time begins at 10:15" a.m.
    ahhh, did they tell you HOW you were arriving at the outback bowl??