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Thursday, November 08, 2007


There are certain things that make this country the greatest place on earth. Apple pie, drive in movies, the Green Bay Packers, and guys that refuse to admit that their athletic careers are behind them.

That is what the Thanksgiving Showdown is all about. For those who have read this blog for over a year, you know that the Showdown is as American John Wayne. It pits the LCHS class of '97 against the class of '00 in the epic pursuit of "The Cup".

Last year was the first chance that I had to participate in this hallowed event. I was a free agent pickup of the class of '97. I have since been taken in as a token member of that graduating class, complete with an honorary diploma, with all rights and privileges thereunto pertaining.

This year I will be taking the field again. Entering the arena to try and bring the all-time series to 4-3 in '97s favor. As the photo to the left shows, it will be no easy feat. It will only come through pain and sacrifice. But we will not fear, for we have been doing 12 ounce curls for 365 days in preparation for this contest. No one put in more bar and club time than us. Do you think waking up on Sundays to go train at Dragon's $1 beers is easy? The answer is no, but that is the sacrifice we have made.

Visit the website and see what this Thanksgiving is all about. It's about doing what American's do best, caring way too much about something that doesn't really matter. To that I raise my glass and toast.

Only in victory would we share a hot tub and a bottle of champagne.

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