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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Recap

Hmmmm... a recap of the Showdown.

Where could I possibly begin. Maybe with any one of the six interceptions that we threw. Or perhaps I could start by attempting to describe how anemic our defense was. The bottom line is that 2000 handed it to 1997 in every aspect and facet of the game. When your revolving door of a quarterback situation steps up to the plate and completes 7 passes, and then another six more to the other guys, you really aren't setting yourself up for success. Now I'd like to sit here and write some excuses like, "well, our starting quarterback had a separated shoulder, and if he'd been playing..." or, "hey, we didn't practice until 3 hours before the game even started." But I'm not going to write those (woops, I just did), because at the end of the day, it simply comes down to the fact that 2000 wanted it more and came out hungrier.

I personally played poorly, recording only one sack and a handful of tackles, so I'm dedicated the next 364 days until next years game to focused training on getting bigger, faster and stronger.

Mr. Schmitt was kind enough to open up his house once again to the post game festivities. It is at this point in the recap that I will make the argument that the class of 2000 should be forced to surrender the cup to the class of 97 because of their incredibly lame showing in the celebration department. Where there were at least a dozen grown men in the jacuzzi last year popping bubbly and partying, there were only a paltry 3 from the 2000 squad, not quite the same 'mancuzzi' as in year's past. Of the ten bottles of champagne bought for the victors, a whole 5 or 6 of them were guzzled by the losing squad. Bottom line: the game isn't everything, its the total picture that should really count.

While I'm on the subject of the party, let me say this- if you go play all out in a football game only once a year, the ideal rest/recovery/rehydration plan should not include multiple bottles of Korbel, Jack, Jaeger and keg beer. Try and sneak some water in there somewhere.

Dimes Productions did it's typical fantastic job with the Showdown highlight video, which was unveiled around midnight during the party. As soon as it gets loaded up to youtube I'll post it here, along with all the photos taken professionally by Joe and Mike's madre.

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