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This blog exists only as an archive. It is a journal that serves as a window into my life as a Marine combat veteran serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; it was written with no filter, no politics and no agenda. Please feel free to follow my journey from beginning to end. Welcome to my life.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Madtown Bound

Ahh yes. It's Thursday afternoon and I have just been let off of work. That means that within hours I will be screaming down the interstate towards Las Vegas, which means that tomorrow morning I will be screaming down a runway towards Iowa, and from there I will be screaming at Camp Randall Stadium, cheering on the Badgers as they dismantle Michigan.

I've been waiting for this one for a long time. There are many reasons to pick up a beer and toast this weekend. First and foremost is the impending Badger win. Secondly, it's Veteran's Day weekend, and, for the first time ever, I can celebrate as one with my two Veteran buddies, Jeff and Clay. Lastly, it's the Marine Corps Birthday, which, to some people is a big deal, but for me is an excuse to pretend to care as much as some people do and toast it anyway.

How does this lineup sound? Wando's Friday night, whenever we arrive in Madison, from there, maybe a jaunt down State Street towards Brats or the KK. Saturday morning, I'm thinking eggs and Bloody's at Wando's (I know, I know, expand a little), followed by some Regent Street action, maybe Stadium Bar and Grill, followed by a little Camp tour for my amigos, followed closely by a win. From there its up in the air. Did I over do the morning and need a little nap? Probably not, but not out of the realm of possibility. Maybe straight to a bar to watch some more games (more likely). Saturday night is open, let's see what happens.



  1. Jake, Sorry to see your growing cynicism towards the Corps. Too bad you feel that way.

  2. Eh, gripe away. Gripin' is part of gruntin'.