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Saturday, November 03, 2007


Alright Badger fans, it's game time. Ohio State, number one team in the country, and us. If I recall correctly (and I should, I was there), the last time we played at that dump "The 'Shoe" we ran the Buckeyes into the ground and then danced on their O.

Brooks Bollinger said it best, "They built it, but we own it!"


  1. Down here in Tigerland we say "Go Badgers"! and for us "Geaux, Tigers! beat bama!

  2. Bucky is scaring the hell out of them. Hang tuff Bucky!

  3. Jakey Poo, remember there are some people that are near and dear to you that called "that dump "The 'Shoe" home at one time. Do we need to remind you???

  4. The Badgers had alot of fans here in Boston today during hurricane Noel. Too bad it didn't work out. Now we have to hope that BC has a good 2nd half vs FSU or our first ever chance at #1 will be gone for good. Hopefully the buckeyes lose to Michigan, as hard as that is to say because I dislike M more.