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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stark apologizes for saying troops die for Bush's 'amusement'


WASHINGTON (CNN) — Rep. Pete Stark, D-California, apologized Tuesday on the House floor for his recent comments saying troops in Iraq were getting "their heads blown off for the president's amusement."

It's not the blatant stupidity and insensitivity of this remark that is getting my blood boiling, its Starks' blanket assumption that everyone fighting in Iraq A)is a political pawn of President Bush B) doesn't know what they are fighting for C) somehow didn't volunteer for the ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY and D) doesn't want to be over there.

This is right up John Kerry's alley of saying that if you don't do well in school that you'll end up stuck in Iraq. Wow. Hey, thanks for the thumbs up and high fives guys. Us dumb-shits over in Iraq really appreciate being publicly humiliated and used as political propaganda.

I really hope that if, God forbid, anything were to happen to me in Iraq, that congressmen like Stark, and there are dozens of them, would have the guts to walk up to my mom and tell them that I died for the President's amusement. I think my mom would punch them in the face. I take that back, my mom is way too nice of a lady to lower herself to that standard, but maybe with luck my dog would relieve himself on the guy's $1000 tax payer funded shoes.

Take your apology and jump off a bridge. For my amusement.


  1. I'll tell ya what's amusing bro- "Dude, it's like 20 on 1, just let it go, man. F@#K No! It's 20 on 2, and I like my odds, chief!

  2. Rep Stark's initial comments demonstrate how the lack of civility has become a large part of our political landscape, unfortunately. When we lose civility, our message gets lost in the harsh emotional background. Although I'd love to see your dog meet Rep Stark's shoes, I would also like to see his apology serve as a wake-up call to tone back the personal attacks. Somehow, though, I think I'll be disapointed. Hope you're well, with the fires out there.

  3. Stark is a 1st class a-hole. And his apology had the typical "if I offended anyone" B.S.

    I like the headbanger poster! Is it accurate? I mean do most of your buddies listen to heavy metal? I know it doesn't really matter, just wondering. You all seem a little young to be listening to 80's metal!

  4. Your mom may be too much of a lady, but this proud Marine mother-in-law would deck him in a heartbeat, given the chance. I'd hit him again for your mom too! ;-)

  5. I just re-read the entry about the Medal of Honor being awarded to the Navy SEAL, Lt. Murphy; followed by the entry regarding Representative Stark. I cried.
    My son, Jake, and all of his comrades know what they are fighting for.
    Rep. Stark is an insensitive, ignorant idiot for assuming otherwise.

  6. Well said Jake! And your mom too!

    Lisa Melton, Wilton Iowa