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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wisconsin Badgers = Complete Stud

Watching the Badger game at a bar in the South Bay was probably the biggest thing I was looking forward to in the States. Actually watching the Badgers woodshed the Cougars on live TV was one of the biggest moments of my life.


  1. Jake, Jenn Holle and I D-ominated, with a capital D, in beer pong yesterday during the football games just wanted to inform you that I'm pretty good, and I bet if we teamed up we might possibly be better at it than we are in cranium! yeah I said it :)

  2. and by the way when are you gonna upload that video of butternut squash?!?!

  3. Heh, the Badgers have a guy who can throw the ball, AND a guy who can catch the ball... How did that happen?