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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome To Last Weekend

Mike aka "Beez" and I at the KK
Ahhhh Mike...the love of your life, the one that got away.
Is that a BoDiesel appearence?? And this was pretty much what our vision was like at this point.
l to r- Beez, Myself, Joe, and Mr. Skeemite aka the Padre.
Joe and Mike
Mike straight devouring some Ian's Mac 'n Cheese.

the STARTING LINEUP in Green Bay
Jake Wood, "happy to be here."
$20 for all you can drink?? Did they think we were from Iowa and not Wisconsin?
About to regulate on some Chargers fans in some flip cup.
The game winning flip.


  1. Jake, I had no idea that you were going to the Packer-Charger game or I would have tracked you down during the pre-game festivities to pound a few beers with you! I grew-up in Wisconsin and now live in Seattle. It was my first trip to Lambeau Field but attended many games at the old County Stadium in Milwaukee. WHAT A GAME! What a venue. We found a good sports bar outside of Lambeau to watch the Badgers victory on Saturday night. Sure wish I could have met you in person....

    Dan S.

  2. WOW, so many memories at the KK!!!!