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Monday, September 17, 2007


How good was my return to Madison??

So good that I spent Friday night spooning with Jeff Lang in the backseat of my car in the Lake Street parking garage, with Will Buege working the heater in the front seat, trying to keep us from freezing. So good that on Saturday morning, we were woken up by Vic's girlfriend Annie, who was bartending at Wando's and brought us a pitcher of water to work off the headache. So awesome that I tailgated with Mike Capuzzi, Dave Beckham and Posh Spice (well at least their look-a-likes). Amazing enough that I sat in the student section of the game for the first time in my life. The Badgers were decent enough to eek out a win against a garbage team. And finally, the weekend was kind enough to allow me a second night out on the town at Wando's, and even let me indulge in some Ian's pizza (about three times actually).

You could say I had an alright time last weekend.

206 roommates reunited: l to r Me, Johnny, Jeff, Vic, Will

A dozen people offered us a place to stay, but at the end of the night, this looked like a good idea.

Striking a pose with Posh Spice.

So, this chair may or may not have collapsed underneath me...

Time to celebrate that win.

With Jim MacKenzie

My caucasian China Doll, Lindsay.

Old teammates, Greg Root and Jason Palermo.


  1. Posh found you on google this am, so I had to come and check out the pic of you guys. Don't forget to send her the check for the "modeling session", $10k a pic is her standard fee!

    Had a great time hanging out with you guys, it is 10am Monday and I am STILL feeling the pain. Wish we could make it down for the Iowa game, you guys have fun and deliver a win!

    Eric (AKA David Beckham)

    the babysitter says "hi"

  2. Jake:

    Off topic here, I sent you an email as well. I think this article references the engineers who were hit on 6/22/07 in Zaidon. You mentioned this in your 6/25 post


  3. Jake

    You didn't name names, but I remembered and believe your post on June 25th could be the same guy BlackFive has a recent post on.

    Your post