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This blog exists only as an archive. It is a journal that serves as a window into my life as a Marine combat veteran serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; it was written with no filter, no politics and no agenda. Please feel free to follow my journey from beginning to end. Welcome to my life.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just wanted to write and ask that you please not waste your time getting into arguments on the comment section of this site. This is for two reasons:

1) This site really isn't worth arguing about.

2) I get an email update every time someone posts something, and it leaves a ton of messages in my inbox, which is fun if they're nice and lighthearted. I'd rather not wait 10 minutes for my inbox to load only to see a philosophy debate unfolding...I skipped enough of those back in college.

This doesn't mean don't post, and I'm not trying to censor what anyone has to say. I couldn't really care less what people think of me, what I'm doing, or how I'm doing it. I'm going on regardless. But there are different forums for these discussions. Like a boxing ring. Or the Octagon.

Secondly, if you are the mother of a Marine in my platoon, company, batallion, etc, please don't tell him you read this, and please, pretty please don't tell him you cry when you do. Everyone has a different comfort level for sharing things, if your son does not want you to know these things, I don't want to be the guy breaking them to you. I did not tell a soul I serve with that I write this thing, but I have had a lot of guys come up to me and say "Dude, my mom wrote me an email and said she reads something called a blog that you write on the internet, I don't even know what the @#$! a blog is". Usually I just deny any knowledge.

And one last thing. If you write me a personal email, I'm sorry if I don't reply. This whole New York Daily News article really jumped me, I had no prior knowledge of it and yesterday was the first I had ever even heard of it. I have been swamped with emails, and I really don't have time to respond to them, so just know that we all appreciate your support out here. If I have time to respond I will, I'm not just ignoring you.


  1. This is why we love you.

  2. Jake,

    I kind of got a kick out of the verbal sparring on your blog the other day. It kind of reminded me of a couple things. First, someone once told me "that a person is not important until they are controversial". That advice seems like too much work to me. Second, and I can't remember where I first heard it, but I love the old adage "no brains - no headaches". I try to live somewhere in between those thoughts and not "suck at life"! Please stay safe, badger brother...

    Portland, OR

  3. Nancy m
    Hey Jake we love you in Bdorf and our continuing to pray for you everyday. You keep fighting the good fight.
    I thought about sending you cookies but you know how I cook!

  4. I just emailed Mike Lupica to tell him how famous he now is after you mentioned his article. Tomorrow is my son's marksmanship qualifying day at Parris Island. He's a lefty and blind. He'll proably come thru ok but with a fat lip.

  5. Just a heads up! You might get a handful more readers after today.

    I put you up as my MySpace War on Terror Post of the Week.

    Normally, I put up a video of what our troops and our allies are doing in the War on Terror, but this week, your article, describing a six day mission turning into a 10 day was outstanding.

    You at least get me as a daily reader.

  6. Glad to see more Marines out there blogging and blogging with a good sense of humor. Keep your head down and remember when you are running from the showers in your flip flops in the middle of a mortar attack. When the flip flop blows out, try not to drop your towel.

  7. God bless you Marine & all your brothers- & sisters-in-arms. Many, many thanks for all you do to protect the rest of us from the Islamofascists.

    Keep the faith & come home safe! :^)

  8. just in case anyone is interested in iraqi blogs, i mentioned there are plenty, and here are some: there is a list of lots at iraqblogcount. some individual blogs are:

    all the ones just mentioned end in "blogspot.com." there are some good ones out there! and while i don't disagree that jake's blog is a good read, and true, it is not the same as reading an iraqi blog. there is one reason: the soldiers in iraq chose to go there. the iraqis did not choose to have us invade; we invaded because we wanted to.
    the second difference is this: the iraqi men of military age are not there alone. they are there worrying about their sisters, mothers, fathers, kids. so -- give some of those blogs a look for another perspective.

  9. I linked to this site from Netscape, and it sounds like this isn't the only site who knows about your blog!

    I was drawn in by your mentioning 29 Palms...a college friend of mine (Kansas-KU)who was in my wedding ended up there as a Marine officer in charge of tanks. I haven't seen or heard from him in awhile, so I hope he is ok. God bless you and keep you sir, and all those who serve our country.

  10. I just want say your blog is interesting and enjoyable reading. Thank-you for your courage and superb training. I fully support your efforts and am pulling for a favorable, final outcome which will bring you and you fellow Marines home. I am amazed at what you go through everyday in your line of work. God bless you all.