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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wounded Buddies Update

This is Sgt. Rose visiting Hunt in the hospital. Sgt. Rose took shrapnel in his lower leg in an IED attack on our squad on February 18th. Funny story behind that one is he was being treated by one of our other Marines as he was trying to coordinate getting myself and a few other Marines medevaced from the other side of the canal. As he was getting treated he kept trying to push Bullard, the Marine working on him, away. Finally he punched Bullard in the face (Bullard then continued to work on him..) Now that's a freakin' Marine.

Hunt was my buddy that got shot in the wrist by a bad guy, and has subsequently lost his bench press bet to Cpl. Muir....stand by for his comments regarding that one.

This is Sgt. Rose's leg following surgery. The shrapnel actually broke the bone in his lower leg.

Both Marine's are now skating through life having everyone in sight buy them free beers, and who's to blame 'em??

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  1. Hahaha.... guess what today is, bro- $1 brews@ Dragon for Cinco de Mayo, i'll have to have a couple for you and Muir:) And as far as the competition goes, it aint over till Muir's momma starts singin- I get my cast off in a few weeks and should be lifting again by mid-June, giving me 10 weeks or so to get HUGE again, and seeing as I was already kicking his ass when I got shot, I figure I've got a good chance- never underestimate a pissed off Marine with access to a GNC, that's all i think i need to say about that one, haha:)