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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Interesting email

Here is an interesting email I received from a Marine Mom that came across my site from Wisconsin:

Hey Jake,

I saw the article the Wi State journal did on you (we live in Verona, just south of Madison) & I had to email to tell you I feel practially related to you & here is why:

1) I have a Marine son named Jake (gotta LOVE Marines named Jake)

2) If you are a Badger you KNOW who Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch is right?!?!?! I am friends with his daughter. We met in Lamaze class when I was pregnant with my Marine 20 years ago. Did you know that Elroy is a Marine & was inducted into the Marine Corps Sports Hall of Fame? The family gave my son several items of Elroys USMC items including the USMC Sports Hall of Fame trophy! The rest went to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. This picture is my Jake with Elroys daughter Patty. Hey, her son is living with the Badger QB, maybe you know him? His name is Grant.

3) I also get sucked into stupid arm wresting matches. Last October I went to San Diego & ran in the Boot Camp Challenge with a team of Marine Moms. At the end of the race & after several beers I actually accepted a challenge to arm wrestle a DI. Here is an excerpt that someone who watch the whole thing wrote. "Captain Iron Arms" is me, I was the team captain for the Boot Camp Challenge. That meant that I needed to keep everyone entertained & supplied with beer.

4) I will pick up snakes....I ate a grasshopper on a camping trip to Canada last summer (my Purple Heart Marine buddy dared me and I cant turn down a dare), wood ticks...not scared of em..... but I HATE SPIDERS TOO!! No matter how small they are they all run fast, they ALL crawl into your sleeves or pant leg or bed....wherever they are able to take you by surprise & sink their fangs into

5) Sorry to hear that you missed the Mifflin block party. I happened to be uptown for a show & walked down the street for the fun of it just to experience "Mifflin". I was WAY to old to be there. The only one who was about my age (40ish) was the drunk who was sitting on the ground propped up against a cement wall with his arm swaying around as he tried to get his beer can up to his lips. He thought for once he blended in, he didnt. It was great fun to see all the kids having fun. If it makes you feel any better the streets were cleared shortly after 10 pm. No one was having fun anymore. You didnt miss a thing.

6) ooohh. I see you enjoy crossfit.com! I love that site. I do triathlons and (UGH!) stupid me....I signed up to the the Marine Corps Marathon this October. I asked my Marine Jake how was I going to manage completing 26.2 miles at my age. He said "By putting one fucking foot in front of the other, thats how". He is lucky that I didnt wash his mouth out with soap!

7) Enough humor now.....On your April 21st blog about the car bomber destroying an overpass. I think I know a bit about this. I am a volunteer with Marine Parents.com. I am the manager of a program that supports injured Marines & Navy Corpsman with cards & letters of support during their recovery. I belive we are supporting one of those Marines. I want you to know that at least ONE of those guys is doing well and is home already. Click the link below. I am working with the family to get the others on as well. I know the Doc is in pretty rough shape but doing better all the time. Please know that they are all in great hands and being well taken care of.


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  1. Jake, Thanks for posting the e-mail. Marine parents are AWESOME and she is an incredible lady.

    People should check out the MarineParents site. Lots of information and some great caring people!!